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Rather than listing arbitrary prices for various categories of services, we price every project on an individual basis.

We will Get in touch with you online 24x7 and get a clear understanding of what your requirements are before we give you an accurate estimate.

Low overheads allow us to keep our prices well within the market level for the services that we provide.

We're straight shooters. We do what we say we will do; technically, creatively and budgetarily. Adhering to sound business principles, we fully expect to be around for the long-term Business-Relationship with our prestigeous clients.

Please email us with your requirements. We're confident that we can deliver a cost-effective online presence for your business or organization.

Languages Services that don't cost you the earth!

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All the foreign language translation services & localization orders are reviewed thoroughly, if found upto the mark, a valid purchase order is required from the client with clear terms & conditions in detail, including deadline, font, format, rates, mode of payment etc. In case the matter is confidential, Non Disclosure Agreement is signed by both the parties after mutual discussion. We need the following after finalization of the order:

  • Document to be translated
  • Software/tool, in case the client needs the document in their own software or tool
  • Valid Purchase Order
  • Billing Address
  • Contact detail including phone number, email ID etc.

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