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Language Localization

We introduce our premium services for Language Localization. Our expert technical resources work with our translators to prepare your product for localization. We manage your localization project according to your release schedule, either by working with your development group while the product is being finalized, a reiterative process, or we will start once the original product is entirely completed, which will allow us to work on "frozen" files. Our translators are ready to work with you to give the products you need to reach a greater global audience.

We also offer web localization where our translators approach web localization projects with the same in-depth dedication that we bring to our translations and software localization projects. We'll review your current website, or work with you if you are in the process of creating and/or redesigning your site, to identify the areas that will need localizing. We'll review your graphics to make sure that they are accepted within each target culture. We'll translate your content keeping in mind that the resulting website should read as if it had been originally written in the target language. We will identify all areas that need to be adjusted for local use and, perform testing and proofreading to deliver a high quality, accurate localized website, ready to be launched.